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Victoria Falls > Activities > Scuba Diving at Lake Tanganyika

Scuba Diving At Lake Tanganyika

Scuba Diving at Lake Tanganyika
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If you are going to be in the Victoria Falls region then be sure to go scuba diving in Lake Tanganyika while you are there.

Lake Tanganyika is the second largest freshwater lake in the world, as well as the deepest lake in Africa. And best of all itís not too far from Victoria Falls! If you are in the area this mammoth lake is well worth a visit.

Lake Tanganyika is just one of three mammoth lakes in the vicinity of Victoria Falls. If you are an avid scuba diver then Lake Victoria is another lake well worth visiting.

Scuba diving at Lake Tanganyika is a particularly special experience because of the diverse range of fish that thrives here. Over 250 species of cichlid fish can be found here! This huge lake is also home to a further 150 species of fish. There are a further 81 species of aquatic plants and 219 different kinds of crustaceans in the Lake as well!

There are some more risky residents in this immense lake. Water cobraís and crocodiles reside here too. Scuba Diving at Lake Tanganyika is an adventure and not for the fainthearted!

Scuba Diving is a fantastic experience for everyone. Both young and old participants enjoy the experience of swimming underwater just like a fish!

You will need some lessons before you can swim with the fish. This is not something you can spontaneously decide to do. It will take some careful preparation on your part. Sign up for some lessons and learn to scuba dive. Itís a great skill to have!

This huge Lake serves as a center for many kinds of water activities. Scuba diving at Lake Tanganyika is very popular with tourists who are looking to escape the bustling tourist scene at Victoria FallsÖ If you are looking for a more sedate experience with the fish you can go snorkeling here too.

If you intend on visiting Victoria Falls then make sure to leave some time for scuba diving at Lake Tanganyika!

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