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White Water Rafting

White Water Rafting
White Water Rafting

Regarded as the worlds greatest white water rafting adventure, rafting down the mighty Zambezi is an experience like none other. Commercial rafting began on the Zambezi River in the early eighties. It has grown in popularity to the point where a rafting trip on the Zambezi is now a regular feature in most tourists' itineraries to the falls. In 2005, approximately 75 000 people enjoyed white water rafting on the Zambezi.

1Day trips run year round subject to river levels and we operate from both sides of the Zambezi River. The popularity of the Low Water Rafting run on the Zambian side of the Zambezi River is due to the opportunity of experiencing the incredible view of the Victoria Falls from the Boiling Pot. Passports are required to cross the Zambian border. There is a minimum age of 15 years required.

Rafting Options

Get ready for a very wet, adrenalin-filled day. The rapids are all grade 4 and 5, making for big white water. Calm pools of water separate the rapids - perfect for getting your breath back and admiring the spectacular scenery before you tackle the next one. Depending on your adrenalin limit, there is the option of enjoying either a half-day or full day white water rafting trip.

One Day Trip Options

Low Water (approximately 10 July to 20 January.)

Half-day rafting AM Check in 7:45, return 14:00 (rapids 1 - 10)

OR PM Check in 10:30, return 17:00 (rapids 11 - 21)

Full-day rafting - rapids 1 - 21, Check in 07:30, return 17:00

High Water (20 January to 10 July, stopping in between if river too high).

Full day only - rapids 11 - 24, Check in 07:30, Three 10 Parkway, return 17:00

One Day Trip includes:

Remember :

Overnight & Multiday Trips on the Zambezi River

A wonderful way to experience true African untamed wilderness is to embark on an overnight or multi-day rafting trip on the Zambezi River. Enjoy the river, gorges and lots of white water and at night set up camp on sandy beaches and sleep under the stars. A minimum of four people is needed to confirm a trip, so they are ideal for groups of friends. We can do private trips and special departures if more than 4 people confirm. Contact us for our scheduled departure list.

Overnight Trips

This is a combination of either a "Full Day" trip or a "Half Day" trip, with an overnight stay added onto the end of the day trip. During the Low Water season we offer an overnight and 2.5 day trip to the Batoka Dam site (approximately 56kms down stream from the Victoria Falls).

Clients run the usual one day section of the river to our overnight camp below rapid no 23 where they spend the first night. The following day they continue down from no 23 to the proposed Batoka Gorge Dam Site, approximately 56kms from Victoria Falls. Clients will be confronted with rapids known as Open Season, The Narrows, Chimamba, Upper and Lower Mowemba and finally exiting above the proposed dam site. The second night is spent at the top of the gorge overlooking the stunning hills and valleys that form the Batoka Gorge. The clients will then be transferred back to Victoria Falls the following morning.

Full Day and Overnight - Clients will overnight at our camp, which is situated above rapid number 23. Tents, bedrolls and sleeping bags will be provided by us. All meals and soft drinks are complimentary. Clients must arrange and pay for preferred alcoholic beverages before departure. We supply beers, red and white wine and gin & tonic. Clients are transferred back to the office the next morning at 10h00. The drive from the gorge is approximately 30km long.

Tailor-made multi-day trips are available on request, only during the Low Water season.

5-Day Trip Day 1: Full day of rafting as usual one-day low water rafting trip and camping below rapid 23, overnight camp. Day 2: From hereafter the flat stretches between rapids becomes longer. Your first rapid is "Open Season". We then continue through "The Narrows" and "Chimamba", where we stop for lunch. After lunch we head on down the river to our overnight campsite just beyond "Upper Mowemba ". Day 3: After portaging "Lower Mowemba " we continue along to the dam site where we do our third and final portage. After this we move on to our campsite located downstream on a beach in the gorge. Day 4: Continue down stream to "Ghost Rider" then "Deep Throat" where we ghost the rafts through while having lunch. Raft through another section of narrows with short sharp drops, very exciting. We then conclude the day with "Asleep at the Wheel" which is the last major rapid of the trip. Camp downstream of, "Asleep at the Wheel". Day 5:We continue on navigating through "Asleep at the Wheel", "Fish Eagle's Delight" and on to our take out point at Matetsi where we are transported back to the Falls. The transfer is a 3-hour drive along the road from Hwange to Milibizi. FOOD AND DRINKS SUPPLIED

Tea and coffee is supplied at the meeting point, prior to departure on the Zimbabwe side. Full English breakfast, tea and coffee is served at the Waterfront meeting point, prior to departure on the Zambian side. On the river each raft carries water and orange juice. A light lunch consisting of cold meats and salads is provided at a picturesque spot on the banks of the river. At the top of the Gorge, at the end of the trip, complimentary soft drinks, cordials and beers are enjoyed. On the Zambian side the clients are transferred to the Waterfront for a Braai / Barbeque at the auditorium where shortly afterwards the video is shown. It is recommended that clients take their credit card or cash with them, when rafting in Zambia only, so as to purchase merchandise and drinks at the barbecue.


No previous rafting experience is required and clients need not be proficient swimmers. At the beginning and at the end of the half, one and 2.5 day raft trip clients have to negotiate a steep path in and out of the gorge. The walk out is 750 vertical feet up a gradient of 1 in 3, and a person of average fitness can manage this in about.

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